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I love to pick out my sons’ wardrobe, more so than my own even. Now that I’ve said it out loud there’s definitely something wrong with that. Lol. I try to keep it interesting, avoiding the typical strips and solids whenever possible. I like to prove to people that you don’t have to have a girl to have fun playing dress up. Except for when it comes to school that’s a whole different argument and set of rules. My sons generally let me create just about any looks, as long as they don’t have to model for more than two minutes. After that they begin to fidget uncontrollably and break out dancing or transforming into one of their favourite superheroes. I would say that’s one of the biggest disadvantages of dressing for boys.

I am super excited that florescent colors are back on the shelves. Right now I’m obsessed with Zara’s spring collection for boys! Seeing all those vibrant hues just makes me so happy, like a kid in The Sweet Factory. The boys’ fashion has mostly been inspired by the contemporary punk meets skater look. So, naturally skinny jeans are high on the must-have list. God only knows Tyler has owned his fair share of them. So when they came out in a selection of bright colors how I can deprive him? Absolutely not! He’s got one in almost every color now, expect for yellow and orange, oh and pink. They’re decently priced at H&M, my other favourite Label.

I look forward to filling their closet with an explosion of rainbow apparels this spring…