Surely, you must have wondered why the “Half” in Two and a Half boys. No, I was not referring to my Husband`s love child, nor my husband himself. Although, I do consider him a child at times, but that’s a topic for another day.

My sister and her son lived with us since summer of 2011. Between doing God’s work and making ends meet she`s often absent.  I have taken Ethan under my wings, and took over the role of his guardian on a fair salary.

I tell everyone Ethan is my third child.  After all, I am as much invested in him as any mother is with her child. I carry out all the essential parental responsibilities. When I say “I”, I really mean to include my husband. Lord knows I wouldn’t be taking on this job if it wasn’t for him. Truth is the workload can be overwhelming as a single parent. And, I want to keep my sanity for a while longer. The only thing I can’t claim credit for is his birth. So you see, Ethan isn’t fully mine…