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One of the many things I’ve learned as a mother of boys is my children’s fascination with creepy crawlies. This was especially hard for me to adjust to as I was terrified of every species of insect, gastropod and annelid. I would go as far to say I had a phobia. I will never forget the day my older brother pinned me against the screen door of our home in Ottawa Ontario with a soft, slimy, squirmy worm… Or so I thought it was. He would dangle this rubber, life-like segmented animal half inch away from my eye balls. When I broke free he tosses it and I screamed bloody murder as it land on me. I believe this is the moment my phobia was born. Thanks brother. I probably deserved it though, I was no angel.

As I grew older I became less afraid but still very uncomfortable, until five years ago. Things had changed since my sons entered this world. Well a lot has actually. I had to be strong, as far as they know I was a fearless super mommy. It did not come easily I will tell you that. But that just comes to show what love is capable of. Now I can share their joy for the tiny creatures that roam our back yard.

…Stay tuned for pictures of our bug hunting adventure.

What fears have you confronted since becoming a parent?