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The boys and I took advantage of this exceptionally beautiful day to venture into our backyard. For the kids the backyard is not just a space to play in, but a place for exploration and discovery in which they can observe and learn about other life forms.

With their jar and digging spoon in hand, my little scientists have just one mission today…

Within only 20 seconds we encounter a family of two ground beetles hibernating under the moist soil of a dirt hill. Christopher quickly race to get his empty jar of Smucker’s jam and fills it with the specimens.

We decide to leave no rocks unturned in effort to achieve our goal. Luckily it only takes five stones before Tyler sees a couple of reddish brown centipedes. And Ethan, well he was happy to settle for a silverfish household bug which he already had prior to our trip.

The boys will study and obsess over their new pets for about a day. Then we’ll return them to their natural environment, if they survived the day that is. lol