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I’ve become one of those moms who run around like a headless chicken, putting their children in all sorts of extracurricular activities. But, I have a perfectly good reason of course.

Our family had just moved to Canada and become permanent residents in ’92. And though my parents could barely speak a word of English, they worked really hard to provide for us five kids. I couldn’t be more proud or grateful for their courage and strength.  I know it is a privilege just to live in Canada, but as a child I was envious and always did wish I could be like the other kids, and got to do the things they did. Somehow I think it would have made me more confident and sociable in high school.  Oh well, it just meant that I had to work twice as hard to fit in.

Now that I am a parent it only makes sense that I would want to provide my children with the opportunities that I did not have. SO, for the last almost three years my sons have been enrolled in swimming, skating and piano lessons. Some people think it’s not necessary while others fear that we may have over worked the boys. The way I see it, it’s like going to the park except, they’re at the pool or the ice rink, etc. They’re playing while their brain is simultanously absorbing information.

I find swimming lessons to be important because it is a life-saving skill and can ultimately save their life one day or someone else’s for that matter. On the other hand, music is said to enhance their intelligence, coordination, concentration and foster creativity. It simply helps higher their academic achievement and improves their learning ability. While Ice hockey is a proud Canadian sport. So I say it is necessary. Although to be fair, I do have the advantage of being a full time mom, it’s part of my job description after all.