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This time last year I started a step aerobics class. On my first day at the studio I remember feeling out of place and dizzy from all the pivoting and spinning choreography. I was embarrassed at how lost and uncoordinated my body was. It didn’t help that i couldn’t concentrate, I was concern the entire time at what others were thinking as they must have noticed my awkward off beat movements in the corner of their eyes, even though I was way behind in the very back row. Gosh I’ve never felt more like an idiot. But I kept telling myself that everyone there was the same when they started so they would understand.

I was discouraged but eager at the same time as I watch with amazement at this group of synchronized women moving like a flock of migrating birds, all together, at the same tempo.  Though I continue to stumble, I managed to finish the class with some knowledge at a few basic stepping terms: Basic right/left, knees corner to corner, hams, side steps…

A lady named Kimberly had approached me at the end of the session and said “As long as you keep coming it will get better.” As grateful as I was at that moment to hear those words, this only reassured me that everyone there saw what an arse I’ve made of myself. But, I figured if all these middle age women can do this so can I, so I came back determined to give my body a chance to prove itself.  After five consecutive days, I was impressed; the effort had paid off as I quickly master the routines. Kimberly was pleased that i had taken her advice. I became addicted to the euphoric feeling after every workout that I’ve been stepping ever since. I’ve even moved up near the front row! lol