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Ever thought of why boys’ and girls’ preference in toys are so different? For instinct, boys enjoy playing with cars and plastic dinosaurs while girls prefer Barbie dolls. I always thought this is because different genders are socialized and taught differently, as a result parents and society determines their choice in this matter. However, based on recent scientific evidence, it is possible that genetic, hormonal and certain biological links may also play a role in their discussion. Tests done on vervet and rhesus monkeys revealed that the majority of male monkeys choose boyish toys while the females showed a strong preference in stereotype feminine toys. These experiments alone does not explain it all but it does suggest that even with the absent of social pressure or human cultural influences different sexes are drawn to specific toy choice. Who knew!

My boys were crazy about Thomas the tank engine and friends. The boys have watched and re-watched all of Thomas and friends animated series, both old and new versions. I’ve seen it tons of time that I too have started to memorize the scenes and names of characters. My personal favourite in the island of Sodor is Percy, engine #6. This little green saddle tank is clumsy and accident prone, but he is also a very loyal friend. I found myself watching one episode after another, while Thomas showed us the value of friendship and team work. I never watched Thomas as a child as I found these creepy-looking, talking trains uninteresting, and rather dumb. But, now I see why it’s still around after 28 years and remains a classic favourite. The boys have a wooden train set that is surprisingly still in tack. It is well-loved and has gotten more attention than I had. There’s something extremely amusing about building tracks and then watching the trains zoom over the bridges and through the tunnels.

Through the years my kids have owned numerous Tonka cars and Chuggington trains. They possessed too many Disney’s wheeled characters such as Mater and Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. As of late, hot wheels are the coolest vehicles, especially if it came with a battery operated race track. The boys love exploring all the different ways to build the track and discovering new tricks. They find entertainment in watching the cars jump off the ramp at high speed, and crashing, of course. If theres one thing i know for certain, is that boys will always to be rambunctious.

I am beginning to understand why men are obsessed with fast cars.