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Spring is my favorite season; it’s a time of growth, rebirth, and new life. I love waking up to the sound of birds courting and building nests outside my window. I enjoy my run-ins with the snails and lady bugs waking from their hibernation, and wandering onto our porch. We see it in gardens flourishing with daffodils in full bloom, trees leafing out and lawns covered in greenness, as we spend more time outside soaking in the sun light and fresh air (if you’re like me, in which case you’ll need a couple dose of Aerius first).

Being out door has really bought out the boys’ curious green thumbs. I am excited to announce that our sun flowers are finally starting to come up, with Tyler in the lead, followed by Ethan and trailing behind in third place is Christopher. The crazy thing is that’s the exact order they are in person.

At three weeks (Spring is a bit hehind schedule).

Recently we have planted some cressman seeds, another project inspired by Kate, although hers looks perfect as with all her work, like something from a Martha Stewart’s magazine. Our Chia-like egg heads are super simple, fun and doesn’t require any soil or watering!

Step 1. empty eggs and get creative with your characters.
Step 2. soak cotton balls in water and fill egg shells.

Step 3. drop in cressman seeds….And that’s all there is to it folks!

After one week.

Your very own chia heads! 🙂