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Why are sunglasses so darn expensive? After all, isn’t it just bits of plastic and metal and a couple tinted lenses?

How is it that these spectacles are equivalent to the price of a perfectly handcrafted leather bag, which by the way serves a whole lot of purpose.

Unlike handbags which have plenty of surface space for scratches/imperfections, you’ll likely want to replace those flimsy frames after a couple of drops on concrete floor. This is partly why you won’t see me with a pair of overpriced polarized glasses; I can never seem to keep these things on my head for longer than five minutes without knocking it to the ground, or mysteriously disappearing. I would like to say it has something to do with the kids, but I’m really just that clumsy.

Recently, I picked up a pair of Jack Martin Frisky Business, Blk & Fire Shades at ZUMIEZ. These are super fun and definitely approved by the boys.