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Before becoming a mother, I was more adventurous. I liked experimenting with my hair especially. I had it colored every possible shades under the rainbow and tried various lengths from short and spiky, to an asymmetrical Bob to long layers.  It was kept short mostly as I had no patience for the between stage; it’s that length that’s too long to style but not long enough to tie in a ponytail. Not only that, but I inherited my father’s fine strands so when it grew out, my hair was limp and lifeless.

BUT, thanks to a boost of estrogen hormone during pregnancy my hair received a permanent luxuriant growth: increased thickness and added curls. It’s one of the few maternity perks. Oh wait!  My vision also improved with each pregnancy; a whole digit! It’s absolutely crazy. Although it did cost me lower my prescription.

Anyway, I’ve been growing my hair since. I love it long. In many culture long hair is considered a sign of femininity and forbidden to cut short.  I do feel girly and more attractive in comparison to the previous dos.

It’s getting too long now to the point that it’s disturbing my sleep. My husband keeps lying on it. Every time i go to turn my head my hair gets pulled. It’s becoming unmanageable.

So, first thing this morning I had five inches chopped off! I get a regular trim every couple of months, but I haven’t had a real hair cut in long time and I actually really like it.

This might just be the change i need.