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The last ten minutes of cardio class was exhausting. I often don’t put much effort toward the end. In fact, I can hardly wait for it to be over by then.

But, today my instructor Sheila said something that got me thinking differently.

I was ready to give in to the cries from the tortured muscles in my body, when I heard “work as hard as you can, because time will run out.”

And then . . . something just clicked. I had a moment of revelation.

Life is busy, and time isn’t always available. So, being at the gym is a luxury.

Why not take advantage of every second of this valuable, limited timespan. After all, the physical exertion can only go on for so long, before the hour comes to an end.

Somedays it just makes sense.

-“Don’t stop when you’re tired; Stop when you’re done!”

Barely able to walk after, but I completed my first 21K!