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A couple weeks ago, my husband and I took off to Las Vegas for a quick winter escape.

We met up with some friends, spent some quality down time and had a great adventure.

My second time would be different. I wanted an experience outside the Strip, away from the glittering lights and busy traffic.

On my search for Things to do in Vegas, I stumbled on Bootleg Canyon Flightlines, run by Greenheart Conservation Co. Ltd, which also built zip lines at the San Diego Wild Animal Park in Haiti and at Whistler, British Columbia in Canada.


The decision was easy; it’s the type of adrenaline-filled, endorphin-drenched excitement I’d enjoy. Plus, the reviews are very convincing.

The company bus picked us up at Excalibur Hotel, on a 30 minutes ride, where we got to explore the beauty of Las Vegas desert.

When arrived at the office in Boulder City, we signed waiver forms, which by the way really make you rethink the decision. The guides  performed a quick orientation and demonstration of the safety procedures.

We hopped back on the bus for another 15 minutes scenic ride up Red Mountain. The staffs kept us entertained the entire time with jokes and historic facts. They were amazing.


We took a moderate hike to the first platform. The scenery is intense, with views of Boulder City, Eldorado Valley, Lake Mead, Nevada city and even a part of the Hoover Dam!





airplane shadow

There are four runs in total, each with 4 parallel lines. The First Run has the biggest drop of 450 ft. Yet impressively, I did not experience the “stomach in throat” feeling associated with roller coasters.


The second run is 1864 feet across the beautiful Mojave Desert valley.



 We made it to the top…


Luckily, without having to fight off any rattle snakes.



The Third Run is the longest, measuring almost half a mile in length.



Although the fourth is shortest of the four, it’s also the most exciting, picking up speeds of up to 75-80 mph.

This was truly an amazing experience! If you’re an adrenaline junkie or simply want to get away from the lights and noises of the Strip, this is a MUST!!!

Thanks Tu Le for these gorgeous photos.