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It’s been five years since I last worked, eight years since my last full-time job.

I had no idea that motherhood would result in such a huge lifestyle change.

I had not planned on staying away for that long.

The first year was hardest: adjusting to new demands while mourning my old life.

I missed human interaction and having a social life. Heck, having a life. Period.

It got better. Then, I find myself embracing the imbalance. Somewhere along the way, I evolved.

It happened without warning, as motherhood has.

But the day has come for my return.

The boys are self-sufficient. I feel very comfortable leaving them for three days a week. It felt right.

I literally just decided this last month.

Since Vegas, I’ve been on a series of interviews.

After years of being away, I fell rusty. There are both doubts and fears, not to mention the five years gap in my resume.

A change in career path has crossed my mind, but having the position I’ve always wanted required full time school. I would have to invest in the time and resources, both of which I cannot afford.

I’m certain I will revisit the idea, perhaps when the boys are much older. I’ll feel it when the time is right.

For now, I’m lucky to find a perfect location to rebuild my clientele.

The first day of work went surprisingly well and fast. I was worried initially, but things quickly become familiar. As the day went on, I re-gained confidence and was soon comfortable.

I’m feeling good about this next chapter.