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Like any loving parent, I want to make sure my children live a happy and healthy life.

Kids are easily impressed, but keep them healthy is, of course, easier said than done.

Since Kindergarten, my eldest son was enrolled in the running club at school. Its 45 minutes long (including warm-up and cool down), twice a week throughout the school year (expect winter break), for a course of 2.5 Kilometers.

My baby does not like to give up half an hour of sleep, and he most definitely does not enjoy running.

Regardless, he has improved immeasurably. Now in his second year, his endurance, speed, and overall performance have given me plenty of hope. Let’s just say I didn’t think we could make it this far.

My son dreads every moment of it, but he now has more confidence. Meanwhile, I find Pokemon cards and extra game time an excellent form of motivation.

Our job as parents is to make the right decisions, to guide and play a role in deciding our children’s future.

Unfortunately, they don’t always agree with our judgement.