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I went to the gym today and it was completely packed! It was my first time at this particular location, as the gym I regularly attend was closed for the holiday. So, I can’t say whether this is the normal volume. I was expecting a smaller crowd, it being New Year Eve the night before.

I was excited to work out this morning as always, and not because I was eager to start a New Year’s resolution, although staying fit would definitely be on my list had I made one. I’ve grown to love the physical challenge, the adrenaline rush and even the muscle pain that follows. I’m really quite miserable without my dose of endorphins. I would even go as far to say I get a little depress when I don’t get my fix. It’s an addiction.

Since injuring my knee last summer during a half marathon I’ve discovered a new love for weight-lifting. So naturally I went straight for the weights area. It is much bigger than I’m used to with more machines, some of which I’m not familiar with. There were only men there, a lot of men. No more than one would expect to see in a weight room I guess but, I come from a much smaller facility so it was a different. I initially felt awkward, not only because I was the only girl but I had to find my way around the machines in an overly crowded testosterone-filled room. Luckily, it was leg day so I spent a lot of time at the barbell rack; I even managed to find a spot in front of the mirror. I eventually became less self-conscious and overcome the distractions. Though I can’t say that I’ll be retuning anytime in the near future.

Be sure to stay focused on your goals. Happy 2014 everyone!