So, I’ve recently started stretching my earlobes, which may also be referred to as gauging: a process of gradually stretching a pierced ear hole, often on the lower part of the ear.

This can be a lengthy process depending on the desired size. It requires a lot patience as the ear needs time to properly stretch. Failed to do so and you’ll face a nasty ear infection, a tear, or worst a “blow out” which is when the skin is pushed out from the inside. Trust me you’ll regret googling it.

I was never opposed to the idea of stretching; but I didn’t have much interest in having a large and very much visible hole on my ears either.

And then, I don’t know, I can’t remember how or when it started but I became fascinated with the thought of having a tunnel that can be seen through my ears.

Well, actually it happened around the time I turned 30, so perhaps I was trying to revert my age, who knows.

One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely becoming an increasingly common practise in our society. Like other body modification, it’s a form of self-expression.

The first thing people almost always ask me is “why?” Honestly, I like the way it looks. It’s different, definitely not your regular 1mm piercing that most people have. It’s challenging at times and painful, but exciting especially when you reach the next size.

I like that it throws people off too, it’s not something one expects from a mother of two, unless they really know me, and then they’d know I had my tongue pieced before (only to be removed because my husband, then boyfriend didn’t seem impressed).

As the hole grows bigger, it becomes addictive. It may be the reason some people end up with gauge size nearly as big as their own ear.

As for me, I’m staying at 0 gauge, anything bigger than this and it’s harder for the skin to return to its original size (it’s not necessarily a permanent thing).

Whatever the reason I am in love with my new holes.